Eusebia, Paradosis, Arete

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Important! Please read this info before requesting to join!

In order to join, you must be approved by the moderator. You must send an email explaining why you wish to join this group. Send requests to: carolyn_korone@livejournal.com

Elaion is a phil-Hellenic organisation for those that practice the religion of ancient Greece: Dodekatheon. We hold to our religion in much the same spirit of the ancients; with reverence to the Gods, and with respect for the poets and the philosophers.

Our motto enshrines the values of "piety, tradition and honour" as key principles of the organisation. We seek to be pious and honourable in our thoughts and actions, in keeping with traditional Hellenic polytheistic practices.

We understand Traditionalist Dodekatheon to embrace a wholehearted dedication to the great and holy Gods of Hellas, and a willingness to live ones life in accordance with the principles of piety, tradition and honour. Such a worldview necessarily precludes any allegiance to the modern variants of atheism, which we take to include occultism and Christianity. (Remember that the word "atheist" was originally created to describe those who denied the existence/divinity of the Gods in polytheism.)

Please see our FAQ page on the Elaion site to give you a better idea of what the organization does and does not stand for: FAQ Page

What is considered off-topic here:
Whilst we acknowledge the importance of the Mysteries, and the role played by mysticism in the development of Hellenic philosophy and religion, this group is more concerned with the exoteric and mainstream aspects of Hellenismos. Any member who insists on discussing magic, occultism or reinventing the Mysteries will be asked to leave. Spammers and trolls will be removed immediately.

There are many, many groups on LiveJournal, Yahoo and elsewhere that are welcoming to eclectic pagans interested in Hellenismos - we are not one of them.

NOTE: This community is not the organization itself, only a place for its members (those that are on LJ) and other interested people to discuss Traditionalist Dodekatheon. You don't need to be either a member of Elaion or even a Hellenic Recon to join here - just Elaion-friendly. If you would like to explore whether the Elaion organization is for you, please join our open (but moderated, by necessity) yahoogroups list:

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