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for any still interested in Elaion..

Elaion: http://www.elaion.org/
Elaion's public discussion list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hellenic_Recons/

The message behind the cut was recently posted (by me) on Elaion's public discussion list, 'Hellenic_Recons'.
As hopefully most of you know, this is the public discussion list hosted by Elaion, one among several Dodekatheist/Hellenic organizations.

I felt it was important to post here on our public list that Elaion is to undergo some vital restructuring and changes. So much has changed since it was first organized that such a transition has become not just a good idea, but actually necessary. Those of you who have kept track of the group's growth have probably noticed that certain goals(such as the primer project) have *not* gone as planned! This is just one of several issues being discussed.

Those who are current members will remain members of Elaion, but unfortunately the group will not be able to take new members until some technical hurdles are worked out. These are being worked on right now, and we appreciate your patience. Should anyone have an interest in joining Elaion while we're transitioning, I ask that you send an email to Bob Clark or myself directly to request an application. But I also ask for your patience as we attempt to rebuild some major aspects of the organization, including its website and mailing lists. (This list will remain open, just as it is now.) Feel free to take a look at the current website ( http://www.elaion.org/ ) if you haven't already, as this is one thing we will be looking at giving a fresh update.

While we're in this process, I ask that if anyone has any suggestions or other input on what you'd like to see in the 'new' Elaion, to please not be shy! Step forward and let us know in a post here. This is important to us, and your ideas and feedback are very much appreciated.

Naturally, if anyone has any input they'd like to leave as a comment in my journal about Elaion's restructuring, I'm more than happy to accept it. :)

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