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Still waiting for more people to show up here, but I just wanted to open by saying welcome, and also to share a couple of my favorite online sources!

If any of you have not explored Theoi.com yet, you really need to. You can search the site for names of Gods, mythological figures, or whatever you want. There's also a helpful site index of course. But here's the best part: the site is a collection of original source material, both written and graphic. So if you for example go to the page on Hera, you'll see a long list of quotations about Hera from primary sources (usually Greek and Roman), along with some artwork at the bottom from vase paintings, etc. There is often also a link to the "cult of" various Gods (e.g. this one on Hera). This is a great source for helping us with rituals! Again, it uses quotations from primary sources, and gives attributions, etc. There is usually also an extensive list of epithets (translated and transliterated).

Another great source is the Perseus Digital Library. If you go to Classics, you'll see that you can find a good number of texts and photographs you can view online. You can read Greek dramas, or you can browse through photographs of vase paintings, or coins, etc. That's just the beginning. Now if you go to Tools, you'll see they have a number of language tools (looking up Latin or Greek words, etc.) Great source!
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