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The reason for Kouretes Mysteries

This is an editied version of something I posted in ursus77 journal. I post it here for all(or more) people to see.

In light of the recent essay on reviving the mysteries. I should explain why I am interested in creating new "mysteries" inspired by the Kouretes. The Kouretes seem to embody something I think is needed. More on that in a moment.

I feel that the mysteries have their place within the context of communal worship. Walter Burkert in Greek Religion does a very good job of explaining how various mystery traditions fit into the communal worship of the Ancient Greeks. He does this by going into some of what we know of some of the female mysteries. I don't have the book with me so I cannot comment which ones he covers.

In my opinion he shows that the initiate mysteries could initiate hand in hand with communal worship. On a certain level it seems like some of the ancient mysteries were like Mens breakfast's that some Christian Churches have today. I went with my Dad sometimes when I was younger. It was mostly older men talking about work, family, sports or other "guy stuff".

I think most people get to hung up on the word mysteries. I don't think the mysteries have to be all about hoc us pocas. They can fulfill the needs of a community or part of a community that requires a narrower focus.

My vision for reviving or creating anew the Kouretes Mysteries is because I feel the modern definition of what it means to be a man causes problems. Men today get a lot of conflicting messages about what it means to be a man. He must be stoic, hide his feelings, into sports and in general be a hard(physically, emotionally and spiritually). This I feel is out of touch with the ancient view of what it meant to be a man. In addition this is not a healthy way for a man to be in today's age.

I think something like a new or revived Kouretes Mysteries or something like it is VERY needed. It would give us a chance to explore through history, introspection and experience what we are and what we can or perhaps should be.

You had the womens movement doing these sorts of things in the 1970's. I think it is time men had a place to do some of the same things.

This is an area where revivals of the mysteries can do good for the moder person and be in keeping with the ancient traditions as well. What I take issue with are those who would use the revival of the ancient mysteries for their own ego, power trips or to fill some psychological/spiritual void.
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